Creator: Pacthesis

Languages: English

Type: GxB

Rating: Teen


You live in Reton, a city that has recently gone through a revolution in technology due to the discovery of IES. Which stands for "infinite energy substance" apparently. After another long day of school, you run into your childhood friend, Teddy. Teddy tells you more about how his older brother, Landon discovered a "hole in time". This hole in time goes back 100 years from your current time, but it will close in about a month. Teddy also tells you that Landon has finally built a device called a "time jumper" that allows people to access this hole in time. You and Teddy then decide to go to the lab to ask Landon more about his new invention. When you arrive at the lab, Landon asks you if you would like to be the first person to try out his time jumper. You take his offer, but when you put the time jumper on, it goes out of control. It brings you 100 years back, but you can't get it to bring you back to the present. A young man named Nathan appears and assists you. You tell him that you're from the future, but you can't return to it because of your broken time jumper. It turns out that Nathan is a clock maker and invites you over to his shop. Nathan tries to fix your time jumper, but doesn't succeed. He offers for you to stay at his shop for the time being and you agree.

Love InterestsEdit