Creator: Quin Rose

Heart no Kuni no Alice

Languages: Japanese

Type: GxB

Rating: Mature


Our heroine, Alice Liddel, was just taking a nap in her garden. And was waiting for the return of her beloved sister who went to take cards for a card game with Alice. Suddenly, Alice saw a white rabbit, and surprising in clothes also holding a pocket watch! And Alice followed the rabbit... do you really think that'll happen? Actually Alice just ignored it and fell asleep again. But then a mysterious man with white rabbit ears  picked up Alice and jumped down a hole out of nowhere. Where Alice arrived is the bloody Wonderland where everyone will fall in love with her. Will she be able to complete the game and return to her own world? Or will she have her heart captured in the process and lose the game?

Love InterestsEdit

  • Peter White
  • Vivaldi (? more like a friendship routine though)
  • Ace
  • Blood Dupre
  • Elliot March
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Mary Gowland
  • Boris Airay
  • Julius Monrey